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Welcome to La Gaufrette

La Gaufrette is all about passion. Since 1991, La Gaufrette has grown from just a café in to a full-fledged coffee shop loyally frequented by families, executives, and tourists and even corporate. Year after year La Gaufrette has grown to be one of the most respected and appreciated coffee shop within the UAE. Our freshly brewed coffees and home-made pastries, cookies and sandwiches are made with fresh ingredients and a love for creating unique tastes that leaves every palette wishing for more.

La Gaufrette motto ‘Commitment to Satisfaction, where you walk-in as a guest and walk-out being a friend’.

Where passion meets flavour…’Gaufre’ is the name of a famous Belgian waffle known for its mouth-watering aroma and unique taste. Some say that a single waffle could inspire genius, propagate love and make flowers bloom. La Gaufrette is all about passion. From an ambiance reminiscent of modern luxury to a premium menu of homemade delicacies that let you transcend in to a world of taste and aromas, La Gaufrette is not just a coffee shop, but a truly pleasant experience.

Today, La Gaufrette is a HACCP Certified company in which food safety standards come first. A corrective approach to food safety and preventative measures is our first priority. Our staff is trained to carefully with several outlets across Dubai and over 200 professionals who ensure that this commitment is always fulfilled, it is no wonder why La Gaufrette is making its way to the top of the service industry. Every customer is our most important customer, and we intend to keep it that way. Our goal is to fulfill our guests’ needs and offer them only the best food and service possible. With a dedicated team, bright ideas and a strong passion to please our customers, La Gaufrette will be an experience to remember.

Our Locations:

La Gaufrette - Al Barsha South
La Gaufrette Al Barsha South

Take a breezy tour of Europe at the newly opened La Gaufrette, Maisan 3 Towers, Al Barsha South.
La Gaufrette - Silverene Towers Dubai Marina
La Gaufrette Dubai Marina

Our European and French style décor offers an inviting indoor and outdoor setting overlooking the breath-taking Marina.
La Gaufrette - Deira City Center
La Gaufrette Deira City Centre, Deira

As part of the multicultural food scene, La Gaufrette is known to bring delight to every customers walking into our restaurant.
La Gaufrette - Tecom
La Gaufrette Barsha Heights

La Gaufrette Cayan in Barsha Heights offers a spacious and comfortable interior that focuses on a European and French style.
La Gaufrette - Factory
La Gaufrette Factory, Al Quoz

La Gaufrette Factory is the restaurant’s main kitchen where baked products are made and catering needs are fulfilled.

La Gaufrette – Full Catering Services:

La Gaufrette provides beautiful event themes that magnify and enhance a catering experience. From tableware and accessories, down to the menu and the friendly staff.

With every event, La Gaufrette intends to make the difference. Whether it is a corporate event, family celebration or gala dinner, La Gaufrette will provide exceptional service and will exceed your standards. Satisfaction guaranteed.

La Gaufrette offers personalized cake designs ready for any occasion. Each cake is designed specifically for you as our team assembles to create beautiful designs and ideas for each and every customer.

La Gaufrette also offers a whole range of canapés, pastries and cakes to delight your invitees.

Celebrate every moment with taste. We provide you with tailor-made packages and unique ideas. Memorable occasions come in all sizes and styles from lavish receptions to private family gatherings and for all kind of celebrations no one does an intimate event like La Gaufrette.

Delivery Menu:

Enjoy La Gaufrette’s delicious menu at the comfort of your home or office. La Gaufrette offers delicious pastries, gourmet meals, beverages and excellence in service.

  Call our food delivery numbers:
  La Gaufrette, Cayan Business Centre, Barsha Heights(Tecom): +971 44572327
  La Gaufrette, Silverene Towers, Marina: +971 44421046

La Gaufrette Factory
Warehouse No. 35, Al Quoz

How to Reach La Gaufrette Factory
GPS: N 25°8'41.0, E 55°14'22.4

CONTACT La Gaufrette Factory
Telephone: +971 43388820
Fax: +971 43388420

La Gaufrette Barsha Heights (Tecom)
Cayan Business Center

How to Reach La Gaufrette Barsha Heights (Tecom)
GPS: N 25°5'34.554, E 55°10'36.556

CONTACT La Gaufrette Barsha Heights (Tecom)
Telephone: +971 44572327
Fax: +971 44572326

La Gaufrette Silverene Towers
Silverene Towers, Dubai Marina

How to Reach La Gaufrette Silverene Towers
GPS: N 25°4'31.1, E 55°8'17.3

CONTACT La Gaufrette Silverene Towers
Telephone: +971 44421046
Fax: +971 44420276

La Gaufrette Deira City Centre
1st Floor, Deira City Center

How to Reach La Gaufrette Deira City Centre
GPS: N 25°15'5.4, E 55°19'57.9

CONTACT La Gaufrette Deira City Centre
Telephone: +971 42950073
Fax: +971 42951604

La Gaufrette Al Barsha South
Maisan 3 Towers, Al Barsha South

How to Reach La Gaufrette Al Barsha South
GPS: 25°04'47.0"N 55°14'44.2"E

CONTACT La Gaufrette Al Barsha South
Telephone: +971 44427885

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