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Bazerkan Restaurant embraces the true flavour of Lebanon and brings you a family style experience rich with flavour, variety, and freshness.

Robust aromas, earthy flavours, and a taste of culture in each bite. Lebanese cuisine is the epitome of the Mediterranean diet. Dictated by seasons, cuisine from Lebanon focuses on herbs, spices and the freshness of ingredients and presents a limitless assortment of dishes.

Bazerkan intends to take customers back to the Middle-East with its modern Lebanese oriental design. The restaurant includes traditional paintings and designs with cozy lighting effects. This combines to make Bazerkan a comfortable experience as guests can indulge in delicious Arabic dishes while enjoying the delightful atmosphere.

With our very first location opening in Capitol Hotel, the need for authentic Lebanese cuisine was evident and clear. Shortly thereafter, locations have been opened across various locations in Dubai. Bazerkan quickly became one of the most breathtaking oriental restaurants in the UAE.

Customers are served by quick and friendly staff that look forward to putting smiles on our guests’ faces. We specialize in only the richest and finest Lebanese ingredients. Our food is sourced from organic and local food sources that guarantee freshness every time. With this, our menu contains an overwhelming variety of delicious Mediterranean food and drinks as well as various options of tasteful shisha.

Inspired by great Lebanese cuisine. We craft all of our stocks, sauces, breads, pastries and dishes on a daily basis. Our approach towards the operation of the restaurant is truly cooperative. We believe that every single member of our staff is integral to our success and reflect the goals of Bazerkan. With each passing day, new milestones are being set and our management team continues to grow and excel within the service industry.

Our Locations:

Bazerkan Restaurant - Capitol Hotel

Bazerkan Restaurant Capitol Hotel

Enjoy authentic traditional Arab-Mediterranean cuisine at Bazerkan Capitol Hotel with live entertainment and belly dance.
Bazerkan Restaurant - Dubai Marina
Bazerkan Restaurant Dubai Marina

Enjoy an indoor experience or appreciate the Marina atmosphere by relaxing in our beautiful outdoor area.
Bazerkan Restaurant - Al Barsha South

Bazerkan Restaurant Al Barsha South

Enjoy authentic Lebanese cuisine with family or friends at the new neighbourhood gathering spot.
Bazerkan Restaurant - Barsha Heights

Bazerkan Restaurant Barsha Heights

Enjoy a menu full of Lebanese favourites and your favourite shisha flavours in an indoor or outdoor setting.

Delivery Menu:

Experience authentic Lebanese cuisines at the comfort of your home or office. Bazerkan Restaurant embraces the true flavours of Lebanon rich with variety and freshness.

  Call our food delivery numbers:

  Bazerkan Restaurant, Dubai, Marina: + 971 44420129
  Bazerkan Restaurant, Al Barsha South: +971 44427518
  Bazerkan Restaurant, Barsha Heights: +971 42408480

Head Office
Warehouse No. 35, Al Quoz

How to Reach the Head Office
GPS: N 25°8'41.0, E 55°14'22.4

Telephone: +971 43388820
Fax: +971 43388420

Bazerkan Restaurant, Capitol Hotel
Rooftop Level of Capitol Hotel, Al Mina Road

How to Reach Bazerkan Restaurant, Capitol Hotel
GPS: N 25°14'31.4, E 55°16'29.8

CONTACT Bazerkan Restaurant, Capitol Hotel
Telephone: +971 43460111
Mobile: +971 509223769

Bazerkan Restaurant, Dubai Marina
Silverene Towers, Dubai Marina

How to Reach Bazerkan Restaurant, Dubai Marina
GPS: N 25°4'31.1, E 55°8'17.3

CONTACT Bazerkan Restaurant, Dubai Marina
Telephone: +971 44420129
Fax: +971 44419429

Bazerkan Restaurant Al Barsha South
Maisan 3 Towers, Al Barsha South

How to Reach Bazerkan Restaurant Al Barsha South
GPS: 25°04'48.5"N 55°14'43.5"E

CONTACT Bazerkan Restaurant Al Barsha South
Telephone: +971 44427518

Bazerkan Restaurant Barsha Heights
Cayan Business Center, Barsha Heights

How to Reach Bazerkan Restaurant Barsha Heights
GPS: N 25°5'34.554, E 55°10'36.556

CONTACT Bazerkan Restaurant Barsha Heights
Telephone: +971 42408480

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